Recently Sold Prices in Your Area

The RE/MAX Neighborhood Valuation Tool allows you to compare the prices of properties that have recently sold in your area. Simply enter the property address of your choice and as much information about the property as possible…property valuation tool »

Pricing Your House To Sell

What is the difference between list and sales prices? The list price is how much a house is advertised for and is usually only an estimate of what a seller would like to get for the property. The sales price is…read full article »

Selling a Home? Why Choose a Realtor®?

As a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, REALTORS® subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics and pledge to protect and promote the interest of their clients by providing fair treatment for all parties involved in the real estate transaction. REALTOR® is a registered collective membership mark which may be used only by real estate professionals who are members of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribe to its strict Code of Ethics.

A REALTOR® can provide extensive exposure to the maximum number of buyers.

A REALTOR® will show your home only to prospects who can afford to buy it. Your home will be shown only to serious, qualified buyers.

A REALTOR® can offer information on current real estate values and can help you set a realistic, competitive price.

A REALTOR® will act as your representative in showing your home, taking over the responsibilities associated with arranging appointments and negotiating the contract.

A REALTOR® will maintain objectivity in presenting offers and counter offers.

A REALTOR® can help you calculate the net proceeds from your sale, and can familiarize you with the closing procedures by explaining them in advance.

Why Choose a REALTOR® With a GRI designation?

Selling property is a complex and stressful task. In fact, it’s often the biggest desicion you will make in your lifetime. At the same time, real estate transactions have become increasingly complicated. New technology, laws, procedures and the increasing sophistication of buyers and sellers require real estate practitioners to perform at an ever-increasing level of professionalism. So it’s more important than ever that you work with an agent who has a keen understanding of the real estate business. The GRI program has helped the best and the brightest in the industry achieve that level of understanding. GRIs are: Nationally recognized as top performers in the real estate industry Professionally trained Knowledgeable Dedicated to bringing you quality service A GRI can make a difference When you see the letters “GRI” after an agent’s name, you can count on receiving the knowledge and guidance you need to make your transaction go smoothly. In short, you can count on getting the best service available from a real estate professional. Let me help you eliminate the stress involved with your real estate transactions with a free consultation. There is no comparison to my friendly, no pressure personal attention.