Old School 4th of July. Nothing celebrates America like the 4th of July and after a two-year hiatus, the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the return of fireworks to Fort Worden State Park for the 1st Annual “Old School” 4th of July.

In collaboration with Centrum’s Festival of American Fiddle Tunes and Thunderbull Productions, locals and visitors will enjoy a memorable weekend of excellent music, delicious food and “Old School” traditions. Saturday, July 4th, carries the weekend’s momentum to a climax with a pie-eating contest, field games, piñatas, free root beer floats, a car show, live music and much, much more, all culminating in an epic display of fireworks. and

Pack the car, load up the kids and dog, and come to Port Townsend for summer fun!

Looking for a place to stay during your visit in Port Townsend, Washington’s Victorian Seaport and Arts Community. Enjoy the Blue Gull Inn B&B,

The Blue Gull Inn B&B is one of the first homes built in Port Townsend, WA. Our home was built by ND Hill in 1868. If you can imagine, our home was built 3 years after the end of the Civil War. ND Hill and his family and had a large home with a large dining room, perfect for a Bed & Breakfast. Join us for a great Breakfast!!! ND Hill was our local pharmacist, back then a pharmacy is a combination today of a pharmacy and hardware store.

If you like history, here is your trivia of the day. The ND Hill House actually was owned by the Hill Family for 90 years, it was finally sold in 1958.This home was built at the beginning of the Victorian era, the style of the home is Gothic Victorian.

The Blue Gull Inn B&B  Stay in one our 6 guest rooms, 2 with whirlpool bath tubs. Have coffee or a glass of wine on our sweeping front porch. Relax in our parlor or dining room, a casual, country Victorian theme.  The Blue Gull Inn B&B is located in Uptown, just 5 blocks from downtown Port Townsend, WA.

Looking for more to see and do in Port Townsend, Washington’s Victorian Seaport and Art Community. Lots of great places to shop and dine for a list check out or,

If you decide you want to move to Port Townsend. Remax is here to help you you’re your dream home or lot.  Contact John Eissinger

Centrum voice-works

Centrum voice-works

Voice Works – A Workshop for Singers

June 23-28, 2015
Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, Washington

Voice Works – A Workshop for Singers….. You’ll learn new songs, about your range, and how to find your key.

Voice Works – A Workshop for Singers _ Centrum

Join us for Centrum’s latest gathering of singers! Voice Works is held at Fort Worden State Park, a venue unparalleled in beauty and facility. Expect four days and five nights of intense fun, singing instruction, repertoire building, and merry music making with some top drawer vocalists.

Singing is compelling, a natural human effort to communicate. Singing maintains culture, and it makes you feel good. The combination of world-class artists and passionate singers at Voice Works creates a rare community, safe for participants of all levels to participate.

Day and night you’ll soak up styles, songs and stories in a wide range of vocal traditions. Through close observation and personal experimentation you’ll learn about breathing, phrasing, dynamics, how to make your voice blend, and what makes your voice unique.

Before I came to Voice Works, I loved singing, but I never felt comfortable with what it sounded like, or my ability to blend with other people. But that class with Pharis – the warm-ups, the breathing – and then you’re in to your day, you’re warmed up, you’re opened up in a way that makes it possible for your voice to come out, it’s like you’re prepared for anything ….

Specifically, you’ll learn to sing harmony, vintage country duets, classic jazz, swing, how to find a third part, traditional Mexican music, Appalachian ballads, Irish folk songs, mountain gospel, honky-tonk songs, bluegrass, and much more. You should expect intensive study, community building, singing, public performances, dances, house parties, song swaps, and a participant showcase every day.

When you go round in a circle, and your instructor says “Try this, try that,” it somehow becomes so unthreatening, and it’s really fun. Everyone has such a unique and different voice, you learn SO much from other participants, and you start to understand your sound is okay, it’s all right. It’s your voice.

Besides absorbing a variety of cultural and stylistic music, daily technical sessions will be on the schedule. A vocal warm-up class starts off each morning, and a class teaching you a set of vocal exercises to build your voice to its full potential will be offered twice each day.

The workshop is open to everyone. Differing levels of ability are expected, and the faculty will respond to participant need accordingly. If you’re on the beginning end of the spectrum, you’ll find an ample slate of classes to address your needs; likewise, advanced singers will find plenty to challenge them. If you can’t help singing, or if you’ve always wanted to sing with people but for whatever reason you don’t, you should plan to be at this workshop.

It is truly wonderful to sing with others and what a supportive environment for singers of all levels of experience. Time and time again we were reminded of what a beautiful gift we give by singing.

Centrum’s Mission, Vision & Values


Centrum’s mission is to promote creative experiences that change lives.

Through inter-generational immersive workshops, we bring together aspiring and master artists to foster creativity, find and provide mentorship, and build community. Our public performances are the culmination and celebration of our workshops and programs, where we welcome audiences to share in those creative experiences.


Centrum’s vision is of a future where creative artists and learners of all ages and backgrounds connect through direct and shared artistic experiences.


Centrum is committed to providing outstanding service and experiences to our participants, faculty, audiences, volunteers, supporters, and community.

We believe that:

  • Creative experiences have the power to change lives
  • Traditional art forms, and the cultural context in which they were formed and continue to evolve, are essential keys to our nation’s multicultural heritage and future
  • Creative artists and writers thrive in partnership and alliance with others
  • A close connection with our community helps us better serve all of our audiences, partners, and neighbors
  • There is value in providing an environment for lifelong learning for people of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of their level of expertise or professional aspirations
  • A safe and nurturing environment builds confidence and promotes creative expression and critical thinking skills

Historic Sites

Many Historic Sites to Visit while in Port Townsend, WA.

Tall ships in Port Townend Bay

Tall ships in Port Townend Bay

Blue Gull Inn B&B

Fort Worden State Park
Port Townsend, WA

Wooden Bell Tower

Wooden Bell Tower

Like many young communities in the Puget Sound, Port Townsend aspired to greatness.

Calling itself the “Key City” and the “New York of the West,” Port Townsend quickly became a bustling seaport and customs gateway to the Pacific Northwest, with an impressive waterfront commercial district of stone and brick buildings and many elegant Victorian homes on the bluff above.

Although economic activity shifted from Port Townsend to Seattle, much of the 19th Century and early 20th Century remains intact. In 1976, the waterfront district and the residential area on the bluff were designated a National Historic District, and Port Townsend is today recognized as one of only three Victorian Seaports on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you want to explore the history of Port Townsend, your first stop should be theJefferson County Historical Museum next to City Hall downtown. In addition to impressive exhibits and helpful staff and volunteers, the Museum leads walking toursthrough the downtown and uptown districts, helping visitors to glean the exciting history of the area.

Some of the more impressive and notable sites to explore include:

The Rothschild House

  • Located at the corner of Jefferson and Taylor Streets in uptown Port Townsend, the Rothschild House is virtually unchanged from a hundred years ago. Managed by JCHS, the home features original furnishing and decor. Learn more.

The Jefferson County Courthouse

  • The Jefferson County Courthouse majestically overlooks Port Townsend Bay and the entrance to Admiralty Inlet. Approved for construction in 1890, the Courthouse’s deep red, smooth bricks were shipped in from St. Louis, and nearly 800 tons of sandstone were brought in from Alaska. Learn more.

The Port Townsend Post Office and Customs House

  • The Port Townsend Federal Building – originally home to the Port Office and Customs House,  is the oldest federally constructed post office in Washington state, and the only example of Richardson Romanesque design in a federal building in Washington.  Still in use today, the building was constructed in 1893.  Learn more.

Uptown Victorian Homes

  • Strolling the uptown district of Port Townsend and sampling Victorian architecture is a favorite pastime of visitors and locals alike (although many of these historic homes are private residences – please respect their privacy). Learn more.

Downtown – the whole thing!

  • The entire downtown core is a National Historic District! Look around and imagine yourself walking the same streets and seeing the same buildings more than a hundred years ago
Tall ships in Port Townend Bay

Tall ships in Port Townend Bay

Early History of Port Townsend, WA

The City of Dreams, Port Townsend, WA is one of the finest examples of a Victorian Seaport in the United States. It is one of 3 Registered Victorian Seaports in the US. The other 2 are Cape May, NJ and Galveston, TX.

Port Townsend, WA was the City of Dreams.  Originally named ‘Port Townshend’ by Captain George Vancouver (for his friend the Marquis of Townshend) in 1792, Port Townsend was immediately recognized as a good, safe harbor, which it remains to this day. The official settlement of the city took place on the 24th of April, 1851. Called the “City of Dreams” because of the early speculation that the city would be the largest harbor on the west coast, wealthy and prosperous, somehow though, those early dreams failed to materialize because the rail road never came.

For several thousand years the only occupants were native Indians. In the late 1700s and early 1800s the Indian population thrived. Many American Indian tribes were in the area at the time, they included:, Chimakum, Hoh, Klallam, Quinault and Twana. They were all in the area which is now Jefferson County.

In the 19th century, Port Townsend, WA was a very well known seaport. It is located at the entrance to Puget Sound. It has a large deep water bay that made it a natural stopping off point for ships and crews. Sailing ships had to stop here to pay tariffs and tolls before entering Puget Sound.

In those early days Port Townsend was as very “wild town”. Most of downtown was brothels and bars to accommodate all the sailors. There are actually tunnels that run under parts of town, so when a sailing ship needed a crew, some of the bars actually had trap doors in them. The sailors would get drunk or drugged and would wake up aboard ship.

Like many small towns in the Northwest. Port Townsend described itself as the “Key City” and the “New York of the West” It quickly became a bustling seaport and customs gateway of the Pacific Northwest. Located right on the water at the entrance of Puget Sound, it was very visible from the water. Many boaters even today find Port Townsend by boat. It had an impressive downtown, many of the commercial building were built of brick and stone and many elegant Victorian homes on the hillside above. It must have been very inviting town as you passed by, especially after months at sea.

In the early 1880, because of Port Townsend’s waterfront location, the business men of the day decided to bring the railroad to town. It only made sense to off load and load ships here and then ship the goods by rail. That dream lasted until 1892. At that time the railroad said it was too expensive to travel all the way to Port Townsend. Back then, the largest port was Seattle, so the railroad went there instead. Port Townsend then went into a huge depression because of the railroad.


Events for you to Enjoy while you are visiting Port Townsend. While here stay at the Blue Gull Inn Bed and Breakfast

Victorian Seaport

Victorian Seaport

Taste of Port Townsend, June 12

Local restaurants offer samples of farm-to-table deliciousness Port Townsend is known for.

Port Townsend Main Street Program, 360.385.7911,

Centrum’s Voice Works, June 23-29

A workshop for singers.

Centrum, 360.385.3102,

Port Townsend Summer Pub Crawl, June 23

Port Townsend Main Street Program, 360.385.7911,

A Life in the Theatre at Key City Public Theatre, June 26-July 13

An exhilarating showcase for two terrific actors
Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet’s uproarious backstage comedy about actors at the end and beginning of their careers. A deliciously revealing look at living your life on the stage.

Key City Public Theatre, 360.385.5278,

Centrum’s Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, June 29-July 6

A foot-tapping celebration from the masters of fiddle traditions with special concerts on the 4th of July!

Centrum, 360.385.3102,


Centrum’s Port Townsend Writers’ Conference, July 10-20

Enjoy an astonishing array of small-group workshops, craft lectures, guided freewrites, readings and more, with some of the leading voices in fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Centrum, 360.385.3102,

Concerts on the Dock, July 10-August 28 (every Thursday), 5:30-7pm

Local bands perform a wide array of dance music downtown on the corner of Water Street and Madison Street. It’s a great way to celebrate summer in Port Townsend!

Port Townsend Main Street Program, 360.385.7911,

Centrum’s Jazz Port Townsend, July 20-27

2014 is shaping up to be an epic year for Jazz Port Townsend. Artistic Director John Clayton has worked with Centrum to assemble a truly outstanding collection of the jazz world’s great artists to offer memorable performances and workshops. Don’t miss Jazz in the Clubs in downtown and uptown Port Townsend!

Centrum, 360.385.3102,

Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival, July 27-August 3

This is a week-long, total-immersion experience that passes down the skills, sounds, stories, laughter, and heartache of the authentic bearers of the blues tradition. For many, it’s a pilgrimage. For others, it’s an intensive week of deeply satisfying music-making. For all, it’s a chance to learn new tunes and styles, and to take playing and performing to a new level. Don’t miss Blues in the Clubs in downtown and uptown Port Townsend!

Centrum, 360.385.3102,


Key City Public Theatre presents Shakespeare in the Park, August 1-24

The Trojan Woman with, August 1-10

In the aftermath of war, what happens to the women and children left behind?

Are they doomed to slavery or will they become the wives of their conquerors? Their fate and the fate of their victors hang in the balance.

The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged), August 15-24

A parody of ALL of Shakespeare’s plays in 97 minutes flat!

Three overachieving actors attempt to perform all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays
in one fast-paced, witty and physical performance! It’s an evening of laughter for Shakespeare lovers (and haters) alike.

Key City Public Theatre, 360.385.5278,

78th Annual Jefferson County Fair, August 8-10

Enjoy a good ol’-fashioned fair where county residents and guests alike gather to recognize the talents and accomplishments of individuals and families in livestock, agriculture, home and fine arts, crafts, and industry.

Jefferson County Fair, 360.385.1013,

2nd Annual Summer Cider Day, August 9, noon-5pm

Discover the delicious diversity of Pacific Northwest craft hard ciders and meet at least 15 cidermakers, while tasting from 50 varieties of local and regional ciders. The day offers the experienced cider enthusiast, as well as the newly cider curious, a chance to sample a complete range of cider styles and flavors.

Northwest Cider Association, 360.336.3727,

24th Annual Uptown Street Fair/Parade/Crafts Fair, August 16

Port Townsend Main Street Program, 360.385.7911,


Port Townsend Ukulele Festival at Fort Worden State Park, Sept. 3-7

Expect intense fun, ukulele instruction, and merry music making with some of the finest ukulele instructors and players working today. Workshop offerings will feature a wide variety of styles – jazz, blues, swing, Hawaiian, pop, novelty, and jugband ukulele. Classes include chords, melody, improvisation, performing tips. For beginners and more advanced musicians alike.

Centrum, 360.385.3102,

38th Annual Wooden Boat Festival, Sept. 5-7

This festival is the most education-packed and inspiring wooden boat event in the world. Featuring more than 300 wooden vessels, dozens of indoor and outdoor presentations and demonstrations, a who’s who of wooden boat experts and thousands of wooden boat enthusiasts, there’s something to do, someone to meet, or a boat to board at every turn.

Wooden Boat Foundation, 360.385.3628,

15th Annual Port Townsend Film Festival, Sept. 19-21

Six theatres and one glorious film under the stars nightly. Take in over 90 independent, foreign, classic and documentary films, while mingling with new friends and a celebrity or two. Come meet the filmmakers and strike up a conversation!

Port Townsend Film Institute, 360.379.1333,

Port Townsend Fall Pub Crawl, Sept. 29

Port Townsend Main Street Program, 360.385.7911,


Returning the Bones at Key City Public Theatre, October 1-26

How do you choose between your country, your people, and yourself?

In 1948 in a small southern town, a young African-American medical student is faced with a choice only she can make — continue to risk her life in the fight for Civil Rights or escape to Paris to live a life she’s always dreamed of. Based on a true story.

Key City Public Theatre, 360.385.5278,

32nd Annual Kinetic Skulpture Race, October 4-5

Attempts to marry art and transportation produce hilarious results as kooky, ingenious contraptions try to race the course and strive for mediocrity.

Kinetic Skulpture Race, 360.379.4972 or 360.385.7306,

The Odyssey at Key City Public Theatre, October 5-26

Shipwrecks, sirens and sex goddesses meet cannibalism, death and revenge

Voyage across land and sea, explore the underworld, and climb Mt. Olympus with the brave and courageous hero, Odysseus, as he valiantly seeks his homeland and the arms of his wife and child. You’re sure to recognize yourself in this sometimes comic, at times harrowing, and always thrilling, epic adventure.

Key City Public Theatre, 360.385.5278,

Downtown Trick-or-Treat, Oct. 31

Port Townsend Main Street Program, 360.385.7911,


9th Annual Woodworker’s Show, Nov. 1-2

See amazing hand-crafted furniture and other practical (or not) works of wood art. A woodworker’s ball is Saturday night.

Port Townsend School of Woodworking, 360.344.4455,

Jefferson County Holiday Craft Fair, Nov. 1-2

Jefferson County Fair, 360.385.1013,

Main Street’s Merchants Open House/Small Business Saturday, Nov. 29

Port Townsend Main Street Program, 360.385.7911,


Cinderella at Key City Public Theatre, Dec. 4-28

Believe in the magic of possibility
Inspired by traditional British pantomime, this Cinderella combines splendor, slapstick and song in a unique all-ages celebration of the girl whose unwavering sincerity elevates her from rags to riches. When all seems lost, what’s left for Cinderella but to hope.

Key City Public Theatre, 360.385.5278,

Community Tree Lighting and Visit from Santa, Dec. 6, 4:30pm

Carolers saunter the streets of Port Townsend framed by festival window displays and fabulous holiday shopping with unique gift items culminating with the lighting of the community tree and a visit from Santa. A perfect way to launch the holiday season.

Port Townsend Main Street Program, 360.385.7911,

Holiday Victorian Homes Tour and Yuletide Festival with Father Christmas, Dec. 13

Tour some of Port Townsend’s most beautiful heritage homes decked out in their holiday finery. Then stroll downtown where carolers, a holiday salon, and Father Christmas will be on hand to lend some seasonal cheer.

Olympic Peninsula Steam, 360.385.6753,

Port Townsend Winter Pub Crawl, Dec. 29

Port Townsend Main Street Program, 360.385.7911,

New Year’s Eve Cruise to Protection Island, Dec. 31, 1-4pm

Ring in the New Year by joining the Port Townsend Marine Science Center for an early winter bird migration cruise to Protection Island or south toward Port Ludlow, weather depending. Reservations required.

Port Townsend Marine Science Center, 360.385.5582 ext 104,

First Night Celebration, Dec. 31, 6-9pm

First Night is an alcohol-free New Year’s Eve community celebration focusing on art, culture and heritage with a maritime theme tying it all together. Good for all ages.

Jefferson County Historical Society, 360.385.1003,

Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment to Enjoy in PT. National Geographic calls Port Townsend “one of the most sophisticated places west of Seattle,” and arts and entertainment is a large part of the reason why.

For more than three decades, artists of all ages have flocked to Centrum, the nonprofit arts organization located at Fort Worden State Park, for artist residencies, workshops and performances. Centrum’s summer performance festivals in music and literature are national events, drawing thousands to the area.

Copper Canyon Press, also located at Fort Worden, is the nation’s premier poetry publishing house. Copper Canyon Press fosters the work of emerging, established, and world-renowned poets for an expanding audience.

Jazz at Centrum

Located at the entrance to downtown,Northwinds Arts Center is a hub of visual arts and literary activity, producing educational programs, lectures, readings and workshops, and by providing juried and invitational venues for displaying the work of regional artists.

Key City Public Theatre is perhaps the most active and vital theater organization on the Olympic Peninsula. Their year-round slate of performances and workshops draws audiences from around the region.

Port Townsend’s location, coupled with its proximity to the Seattle/Vancouver/Portland metro areas, makes the town an attractive destination for national music acts and audiences looking for intimate performance experiences.

From music, to theater, to visual and performing arts, Port Townsend is a destination not to be missed. Be sure to visit’s comprehensive arts and entertainment calendar to find out what’s happening in Port Townsend.

Do not miss Fort Worden State Park. Take a walk on the beach. Fort Worden was built in 1902 to help protect the entrance to Puget Sound. Walk through the concrete bunkers and slam the big steel doors. Bring your flashlight, it is pitch black inside.

Walk along the sandy beach to the Point Wilson Lighthouse. Off in the distance is Whidbey Island.

Port Townsend is located at the entrance to Puget Sound. All ships entering and leaving the Puget Sound, pass right past Port Townsend, WA. In the early days of Washington State many ships made port in Port Townsend to take advantage of our deep water port but more importantly all the brothels and bars on the downtown waterfront.

Stay at the Blue Gull Inn Bed and Breakfast 

We’re Over the Moon About All the Fun in June!


It turns up the heat with the hottest Steampunk Hootenanny ever, featuring bands from across the country, burlesque, and a diverse array of entertainments. All-ages attractions include: Tactical Croquet, Airship Apprentice (our own collectible card game), Hugo award-winning Phil & Kaja Foglio’s Girl Genius, Rise of Aester’s annual assembly, the stupendous Bazaar of the Bizarre, bands, magic, and mayhem galore!

Race to Alaska 2015

The first-ever Race to Alaska (R2AK) starts with a celebratory send-off party hosted by the Northwest Maritime Center (NWMC) on June 3. The “Pre-Race Ruckus” will be held in the Pope Marine Park (adjacent to the NWMC) from 5-7 pm and will feature live music, a beer garden and food carts. There will be an opportunity to see the boats and meet the characters who have entered into this inaugural event.

Over 60 teams will depart Port Townsend in the wee hours on June 4 (rumor has it sometime between 4 and 5 am!), headed for the Stage 1 finish in Victoria, BC. Stage 2 will leave Victoria on June 7. The race ends 750 miles later in Ketchikan, Alaska. The winner receives $10,000 and the second place finisher gets a set of steak knives. Join the fun at the “Pre-Race Ruckus” to send them off in style the day before the race start!


The 32nd Annual Classic Mariners’ Regatta begins the next day on June 5, at the Northwest Maritime Center (NWMC), concluding on Sunday, June 7. This event draws classic wooden boats from across the state to race, rub elbows and celebrate the beauty of wooden boats. The races are open to classic sailboats of all sizes, kayaks, dinghies and row boats.

The weekend kicks off with a welcoming gathering on Friday night. Saturday brings two races, the first starting at noon and the second one commencing immediately after. A loosely-organized race for wooden dinghies, shells and kayaks will be held Sunday at 9 am, if there are enough participants. The final sailboat race will start at noon and the weekend concludes with an awards ceremony at 5

Visit our new Port Townsend Visitor Information Center recently relocated to 2409 Jefferson Street (the former home of Northwind Art Center), just off Sims Way. This will provide easy access for you as you’re coming into Port Townsend and you’ll love the fresh new look. The volunteers are looking forward to welcoming you not only to Port Townsend, but to the new Visitor Center as well.


Also on the move, the Fort Worden Visitor Center relocated from the Guardhouse, near the entrance to the park, to the Park Administration Office across from the Parade Grounds. The Visitor Center and gift shop is managed by the Friends of Fort Worden, with all proceeds from sales going toward support of the park. Stop by, learn about Fort Worden, and pick up a few gifts for friends and family.


The 2nd Annual Fort Worden Open House is a free, family-friendly event that celebrates the diversity of Fort Worden and the Lifelong Learning Center. Rediscover the natural beauty and rich history of this 434-acre state park on Saturday, June 13.

From 2-6 pm, bring the whole family and learn about the innovative programming and extraordinary events presented by Fort Worden’s 12 campus partners. And don’t forget your dancing shoes! There will be live music and entertainment at the Fort Worden Commons all afternoon, culminating in an all-ages concert with Locust Street Taxi and special guests performing in the USO Building beginning at 7 pm.

For more information visit Facebook at


Nothing celebrates America like the 4th of July and after a two-year hiatus, the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the return of fireworks to Fort Worden State Park for the 1st Annual “Old School” 4th of July.

In collaboration with Centrum’s Festival of American Fiddle Tunes and Thunderbull Productions, locals and visitors will enjoy a memorable weekend of excellent music, delicious food and “Old School” traditions. Saturday, July 4th, carries the weekend’s momentum to a climax with a pie-eating contest, field games, piñatas, free root beer floats, a car show, live music and much, much more, all culminating in an epic display of fireworks. and

Pack the car, load up the kids and dog, and come to Port Townsend for summer fun!

Parks & Beaches

Parks, Beaches and FUN things to do

Parks, Beaches and FUN things to do

Parks, Beaches and FUN things to do

Parks, Beaches and FUN things to do

Parks, Beaches and FUN things to do. Port Townsend is home to some of the most oustanding public parks in the state of Washington.

Fort Worden State Park is a turn-of-the-century army base located just 2 miles from the downtown core. Fort Worden offers an unmatched combination of natural beauty and historic interest. Acres of saltwater beaches, wooded hills, and open fields are framed by stunning vistas of the Olympic and Cascade ranges and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. In addition to being a mecca for nature lovers, the Park and it’s nonprofit campus partners is a center for lifelong learning.

Perched between downtown and Fort Worden is the lovely Chetzemoka Park. This city-owned gem is on the water, and has a stunning view of the Cascade Mountains and Whidbey Island. The Park has  flower gardens, picnic areas, play equipment, and a bandstand modeled after the Victorian original, as well as access to the beach and tidelands.

Port Townsend is just miles away from the mighty Olympic National Park. One the nation’s crown jewels, ONP showcases Pacific Ocean beaches, rain forest valleys, glacier-capped peaks and a stunning variety of plants and animals. Roads provide access to the outer edges of the park, but the heart of the Park Olympic is wilderness; a primeval sanctuary for humans and wild creatures alike.

Want more to explore? Check out’s complete list of City parks.

Do not miss all there is to see and do during your visit to Port Townsend, WA. Many great places to shop and dine. Enjoy our beaches and waterfront. Have fun!

While here, stay at the Blue Gull Inn Bed and Breakfast. Enjoy one of our 6 guest rooms

What’s happening in Port Townsend, WA

While in Port Townsend and need a place to stay. Try the Blue Gull Inn B&B.

Art Wave

May 1-31, 2015

You’ll be inspired by this exhibit of over 400 pieces of children’s artwork displayed in 33 businesses in Uptown and Downtown, created by grades K-12 in the Port Townsend School District. Come to the historic districts for Art Walk on Saturday, May 2, from 5:30-7:30pm and see the creativity of our children. Sponsored by the Port Townsend Main Street Program.


Opening Day on the Bay
Saturday, May 2, 2015

Opening Day of the 2015 boating season is cause for celebration as the Port Townsend Yacht Club invites the public to view the waterfront parade. Watch the boats sail by from the Northwest Maritime Center Pier, Pope Marine Park or any other convenient location along Water Street. The parade will begin after the departure of the 12:30pm ferry to Coupeville. Following the parade, there will be the traditional Blessing of the Fleet.


Mother’s Day Brunch
Sunday, May 10, 2015 at Fort Worden

brunch-at-fort-wordenPamper Mom with brunch from 10am to 2pm at Fort Worden, surrounded by natural beauty and historic charm. Executive Chef Lou Bair welcomes your family to dine on the freshest, most decadent items that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Indulge in the Mimosa Bar and Omelet Bar, paired with tasty ham and roast New York strip loin or house-smoked salmon and Hood Canal mussels. Top it off with gourmet pastries, artisan meats and cheeses and fresh fruits. Enjoy live music in an intimate dining setting.

After brunch, take a stroll through the Centennial Rhododendron Garden. Call for reservations at 360.344.4400, ext. 514.

80th Annual Rhododendron Festival
May 9-17, 2015

Make plans to join us for any and all of these events for our Port Townsend “community holiday” celebration. Learn more at

Wednesday, May 13

  • 6pm Trike Race begins

Pet_paradeThursday, May 14

  • 4:30pm Pet Parade begins and the Funtastic Carnival opens at Memorial Field

Friday, May 15

  • 3:30pm Kiddie Parade begins with the Navy Band NW Concert to follow
  • 6:30pm Bed Races begin

Saturday, May 16

  • 1pm Rhody Festival Grand Parade with a Cake Picnic to follow

Sunday, May 17

  • 11am Rhody Run XXXVII begins

Artisan Food Festival
May 23-24, 2015

Celebrating the Olympic Peninsula’s artisan foods and makers, the weekend includes classes, chef demos, tastings, tours and author talks.

artisan food festival

Start at the Farmers Market on Saturday from 9am to 3pm in Uptown Port Townsend featuring over 70 vendors. Seattle-based Sasquatch Books, one of the Nation’s leading independent publishers, with top-selling books on food, wine, travel, and gardening, will feature their food books and authors at the market. Authors Jennifer Adler and Kate Lebo will be onsite to teach classes based on their books. Artisan food classes will be going on all day from 10am to 5pm. A self-guided tour of Jefferson County Food Artisans on Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

4th Annual Brass Screw Confederacy
A Steampunk Hootenanny
May 29-31, 2015

The extravaganza takes over downtown Port Townsend aiming to rock you back on your boot heels and steam up your goggles. It turns up the heat with our hottest Steampunk Hootenanny ever, featuring bands from across the country, burlesque, and a diverse array of entertainments. All-ages attractions include Tactical Croquet, Airship Apprentice (our own collectible card game), Hugo award-winning Phil & Kaja Foglio’s Girl Genius, Rise of Aester’s annual assembly, the stupendous Bazaar of the Bizarre, bands, magic, and mayhem galore!


Race to Alaska
June 3, 2015

The Northwest Maritime Center (NWMC) invites you to a celebratory send-off for the first-ever Race to Alaska (R2AK). The Pre-Race Ruckus will be held in the Pope Marine Park (adjacent to the NWMC) from 5 – 7pm and will feature live music, a beer garden and food carts. There will be an opportunity to see the boats and meet the characters who have entered into this inaugural event.

Over 60 teams will depart Port Townsend in the wee hours on June 4 headed for the Stage 1 finish in Victoria, BC. Stage 2 will leave Victoria on June 7. The race ends 750 miles later in Ketchikan, Alaska. Join the fun at the Pre-Race Ruckus to send them off in style the day before the race start!

We look forward to having you come our way in May…and June too!

What would you sacrifice in order to save your town from economic ruin?  This is the question at the heart of Tanstaafl*, Key City Public Theatre’s original production, running from April 23, 2015 to May 10, 2015. The play, conceived and directed by KCPT Artistic Director Denise Winter, revolves around an industrial town in the Pacific Northwest that, despite its history as a booming metropolis of industry and culture, has inexplicably fallen into debt and disrepair. When a former citizen returns and offers financial security, the town soon learns that “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch*”.

A Key City Original

The origins of Tanstaafl are as interesting as the play itself. This Tragicomedy draws inspiration from the German language playwrights of the 20th century, such as Durrenmatt, Frisch, and Brecht, whose plays explore the deepest themes of humanity in a bizarre, absurdist way that allows the audience to disengage their disdain just long enough to appreciate the comedy of it all before circling back for a macabre ending that highlights the moral poignancy of the issues at hand.

Tanstaafl holds a special significance for Denise Winter, who, ten years ago, kicked off her tenure as Artistic Director at Key City Public Theatre with a sold-out run of Brecht’sThreepenny Opera. For Winter, the works of these German playwrights are as potent as ever. “They’re not cut and dry,” she says, “They reflect a world in which we take our lessons and our lumps but also lighten our load by finding some humor in the foibles of the human condition. If we can’t laugh at the things that go wrong while also drawing deeper meaning from them, then, what’s the point?”

So, to celebrate her tenth anniversary at KCPT, Winter has taken the opportunity to create an original work that, in addition to exploring German Tragicomedy’s oft-explored themes of economic ruin, greed, and the cost of salvation, has a Glenn Miller score, ensemble dance numbers, and a script that is infused with the places, ideas, and voices of the Pacific Northwest.

The ensemble cast, including some Key City favorites and several new faces, help bring to life this production that breathes with the spirit of Key City Public Theatre, a company deeply rooted in the community. Tanstaafl is a wicked blend of classic tragedy and high comedy that explores the darkest depths of human nature and, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, presents the audience with a choice of their own: laugh at the absurdity of the tale or cringe at its resonance.

Show Details

Tanstaafl is generously sponsored by Playwright for Playwright, Itali Lambertini, and 66 Women. KCPT’s Season Sponsors are PT Fudge Company, Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar, and SOS Printing. Pay-what-you-wish performances, sponsored by the Port Townsend Arts Commission, will be on Sunday, April 26th and Thursday, April 30th.

Tanstaafl runs from April 23rd through May 10th at Key City Public Theatre in Port Townsend. Tickets ($10-$24) & info at and at the box office, 419 Washington Street, 360-385-KCPT.